ParosArt is a family company involved in the preparation of professional and elegant high-class reproductions of paintings and photos. Thanks to the precision of their performance and original representation, we ensure unique and artistic interior design solutions. Our services are addressed to all those who appreciate classic style as well as want to add prestige to the interiors of their houses, offices, hotels and restaurants.

ParosArt was born out of our passions and talents in the related fields of photography, polygraphy, computer graphics as well as the love of broadly understood fine arts. Basing on many years of experience gained in these areas, we have decided to establish together the place where we help your dreams on beautiful decorations attracting your attention come true.

You can also add a bit of luxury to your interior…

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Our distinctive features

Our current clients have appreciated us for highest quality and precision as well as accurate representation and finishing of even the tiniest elements. A lot of them come back to us with the orders for next works. This wouldn’t be possible without our total commitment to every project.

With your satisfaction in mind, we provide you with:

  • high-class materials, ensuring the aesthetics and durability of reproductions,
  • careful representation of the original,
  • the reproduction finished manually by an experienced technician, which ensures the structure of a painting,
  • competent realization and secure shipping which guarantees that you receive your package intact.

We are proud that our works are present in the interiors of houses and other premises all over Poland. Reproduction of the famous painting “The Battle of Grunwald” performed by us can be even seen in the office of the mayor of the Grunwald commune!

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